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The world


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01 (n) The world. 2017. In The Historical Thesaurus of English, version 4.2. Glasgow: University of Glasgow. Retrieved 28 May 2017, from http://historicalthesaurus.arts.gla.ac.uk/category/?id=1.

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"01 (n) The world." The Historical Thesaurus of English, version 4.2. Glasgow: University of Glasgow, 2017. Web. 28 May 2017. http://historicalthesaurus.arts.gla.ac.uk/category/?id=1.

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The Historical Thesaurus of English, version 4.2, s.v., "01 (n) The world," accessed 28 May 2017, http://historicalthesaurus.arts.gla.ac.uk/category/?id=1.

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The Historical Thesaurus of English, version 4.2. 2017. Glasgow: University of Glasgow. http://historicalthesaurus.arts.gla.ac.uk.

There are 48 words at this level:

brytengrund OE OED

brytenwangas OE OED

eardgeard OE OED

eormengrund OE OED

eorþstede OE OED

eorþweg OE OED

eþel OE OED

foldwang OE OED

foldweg OE OED

grund OE OED

grundwæg OE OED

grundwang OE OED

gumrice OE OED

hruse OE OED

leoht OE OED

middan(g)eard OE OED

moldweg OE OED

þeodeorþe OE OED

wundorworuld OE OED

ymbhwyrft OE OED

earth-ric < eorþrice OE–c1200 OED

world-riche < woruldrice OE–1390 OED

fold < folde OE–c1440 OED

mould < molde OE–1614+ 1810 poet. OED

earth < eorþe OE– OED

mother < modor OE– OED

world < woruld OE– OED

all the world c1175– OED

wone c1205–1748 OED

mound a1290–c1320 OED

wilderness a1340– OED

mappemonde a1390–1560 OED

the whole world 1534– OED

the globe of the world 1553 OED

the/this globe 1575– OED

mother earth c1586– OED

orb 1601–1667 OED

glimpses of the moon 1602+ 1828– OED

the earthly globe c1630 OED

universe 1630–1820 OED

terrene 1667–1830 OED

a world 1676– OED

Orphic egg 1684–1789 OED

all outdoors 1830– US colloq. OED

outer world 1868– OED

Midgard 1882 OED

overworld 1911– OED

spaceship earth 1966– OED

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