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The body

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01.02.03 (n) The body. 2017. In The Historical Thesaurus of English, version 4.2. Glasgow: University of Glasgow. Retrieved 26 May 2017, from http://historicalthesaurus.arts.gla.ac.uk/category/?id=23391.

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"01.02.03 (n) The body." The Historical Thesaurus of English, version 4.2. Glasgow: University of Glasgow, 2017. Web. 26 May 2017. http://historicalthesaurus.arts.gla.ac.uk/category/?id=23391.

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The Historical Thesaurus of English, version 4.2, s.v., "01.02.03 (n) The body," accessed 26 May 2017, http://historicalthesaurus.arts.gla.ac.uk/category/?id=23391.

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The Historical Thesaurus of English, version 4.2. 2017. Glasgow: University of Glasgow. http://historicalthesaurus.arts.gla.ac.uk.

There are 73 words at this level:

bancofa OE OED

banfæt OE OED

banhus OE OED

bansele OE OED

eadorgeard OE OED

eorþfæt OE OED

feorhbold OE OED

feorhhus OE OED

flæsccofa OE OED

flæschama OE OED

flæschord OE OED

foldærn OE OED

greothord OE OED

had OE OED

hræw OE OED

lamfæt OE OED

licfæt OE OED

limgesiþ OE OED

sawolhord OE OED

sawolhus OE OED

selegesceot OE OED

lich < lic OE–a1400/50 OED

flesh < flæsc OE–1634 OED

licham < lichama OE–a1783 OED

body < bodig OE– OED

dust < dust OE– OED

utter man a1050–1565 OED

bodiȝch c1200(2) OED

body c1200– OED

bouk a1225–c1330 + 1513– Scots & dial. OED

belly c1275 + c1275 OED

corse a1300–1586 OED

clay a1300– OED

wlessche c1315 OED

slime c1315–1652 OED

corpse c1325–1707 OED

vessel c1360–1704 OED

tabernacle 1374–1841 OED

carrion 1377–1596 contemp. + 1832 OED

bones 1398– OED

lump of clay a1400–1763 OED

person c1400– OED

carcass/carcase 1406– also contemp. OED

corpus c1440–a1854 OED

bulk c1460–1718 OED

outward man 1526–1678 OED

case 1547/64–1655 + 1883 OED

blood-bulk 1563/87 + 1575 OED

quarrom(es)/quarron(s) 1567–1932 OED

anatomy 1592 + 1837– derog. OED

flesh rind 1593 OED

clod 1595– derog. OED

earth a1600– OED

machine 1602– OED

lay-part a1613–a1668 OED

cabinet 1614–1630 OED

out-wall 1631 OED

automaton 1645– OED

skinful 1650 OED

machina 1653 OED

mud wall 1662–1670 OED

incarnation 1742– OED

corporation 1753– OED

personage 1785 OED

soul-case 1796 slang OED

God's image 1837 OED

personality 1842 + 1884 OED

embodiment 1850– OED

flesh-stuff 1855 OED

corporeity 1865–1880 colloq. OED

bone-house 1870 OED

chassis 1930– slang OED

soma 1958– OED

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