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01.15.14 (aj) Advantageous. 2017. In The Historical Thesaurus of English, version 4.2. Glasgow: University of Glasgow. Retrieved 28 May 2017, from http://historicalthesaurus.arts.gla.ac.uk/category/?id=81277.

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"01.15.14 (aj) Advantageous." The Historical Thesaurus of English, version 4.2. Glasgow: University of Glasgow, 2017. Web. 28 May 2017. http://historicalthesaurus.arts.gla.ac.uk/category/?id=81277.

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The Historical Thesaurus of English, version 4.2, s.v., "01.15.14 (aj) Advantageous," accessed 28 May 2017, http://historicalthesaurus.arts.gla.ac.uk/category/?id=81277.

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The Historical Thesaurus of English, version 4.2. 2017. Glasgow: University of Glasgow. http://historicalthesaurus.arts.gla.ac.uk.

There are 53 words at this level:

beþearflic OE OED

fremfullic OE OED

fremigendlic OE OED

fremlic OE OED

(ge)hyþlic OE OED

nytlic OE OED

nytt OE OED

nytwierþe OE OED

gestreonful OE OED

þearflic OE OED

fremeful < fremful OE–1340 OED

i-duȝe a1250 OED

begetel c1250 OED

profitable c1325– OED

worth to 1340–a1450 OED

speedful 1340/70–1573 OED

speedy c1380–c1449 OED

beho(o)veful 1382–1865 OED

fructuous c1386–1528 + 1879– OED

fruitful c1386– OED

vailable 1390–a1577 OED

availant c1420 OED

availing c1420 OED

commodious c1420–1751 OED

of (great/little/no) vail c1450–1535 chiefly Scots OED

behovable c1460–1553/87 OED

profitly 1470/85 OED

available 1474–1614 + 1836 arch. OED

beneficial 1494– OED

sanative a1548–1859 OED

advantageable 1548–1657 OED

gainful 1555– OED

vantageous c1566 OED

vantageable 1570–1610 OED

gainy 1573–1614 rare OED

commoditous 1575 OED

comfortable 1575/6–1725 OED

conducent 1578–1640 OED

bootful 1594 OED

availful 1598–1650 OED

advantageous 1598– OED

conducible c1611–1683 OED

conducing 1621–1728 OED

proficuous 1622–1708 OED

conduceful 1635–1646 OED

proficacious a1660 OED

commodous 1677(2) OED

beneficent 1677– OED

conducive 1710 OED

benefactory 1744–1884 OED

benignant 1790–1844 OED

sanatory a1832–1833 OED

beneficiary 1836 OED

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