APA Style: (aj) Violent. 2017. In The Historical Thesaurus of English, version 4.2. Glasgow: University of Glasgow. Retrieved 28 May 2017, from http://historicalthesaurus.arts.gla.ac.uk/category/?id=84804.

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" (aj) Violent." The Historical Thesaurus of English, version 4.2. Glasgow: University of Glasgow, 2017. Web. 28 May 2017. http://historicalthesaurus.arts.gla.ac.uk/category/?id=84804.

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The Historical Thesaurus of English, version 4.2, s.v., " (aj) Violent," accessed 28 May 2017, http://historicalthesaurus.arts.gla.ac.uk/category/?id=84804.

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The Historical Thesaurus of English, version 4.2. 2017. Glasgow: University of Glasgow. http://historicalthesaurus.arts.gla.ac.uk.

There are 80 words at this level:

biernende OE OED

grimlic OE OED

grimm OE OED

heard OE OED

recen OE OED

stearc OE fig. OED

stearcheard OE OED

swiþlic OE OED

rethe < reþe OE–c1425 OED

stour/stoor < stor OE–a1500 OED

woodly < wodlic OE–1513 OED

wood < wod OE–1607 transf. OED

hot < hat OE– OED

strong < strang OE– OED

bra(i)th c1200–c1470 OED

starkly c1205–c1275 OED

tough c1205– OED

unirude a1240 OED

red 1297–1859 OED

wrothly a1300 OED

unride a1300–c1470 OED

fierce a1300– OED

lawless a1300– OED

rough a1300– OED

bremely c1300 OED

big c1325–1604 OED

violent 1340– OED

furial c1386 + 1640 OED

outrageous c1386– OED

runish a1400 + a1400 OED

snart a1400/50 OED

unreken a1400 OED

wrethly a1400 OED

fighting a1400–1667 OED

roid a1400/50–c1470 + 1883 dial. OED

unrude c1400 + 1513(2) OED

dour c1425– OED

rage 1426–c1430 OED

derf c1440–a1700 OED

churlous a1450 + 1864 dial. transf. & fig. OED

felon c1450–c1800 transf. OED

bra(i)thly a1455–1513 Scots & northern dial. OED

fervent 1465– now rare OED

churlish 1477–1754 transf. OED

orgulous/orgillous 1484–1610 OED

bra(i)thful 1513(2) OED

fanatic 1533–1634 OED

furious 1535– OED

boisterous 1544–1695 OED

ungentle 1551–1812 fig. OED

ruffian 1553– OED

sore 1563 OED

savage-wild 1592 OED

robustious 1599–1897 OED

Herculean 1602–1747 transf. OED

blusterous 1608 OED

shrill 1608– transf. OED

ruffianous c1611 OED

rabious 1613/18–1689 OED

rabid 1615– OED

thundering 1618–1632 OED

churly 1620 transf. & fig. OED

full-mouthed 1620 OED

savage 1634– OED

feroce 1641 OED

brutal 1641– OED

ferocious 1646– OED

ferocient 1654–1684 OED

turbulent 1656 + 1874 OED

efferous 1657 OED

efferate 1684 OED

knock-me-down 1760 colloq. fig. OED

ensanguined 1806–1886 fig. OED

rammish 1807–1869 dial. OED

fulminatory 1820–1840 fig. OED

riproarious 1855–1890 US OED

thunderous 1874 OED

cataclysmal 1882– OED

cataractal 1926 fig. OED

sabre-toothed 1968– OED

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