Using Historical Thesaurus Data

As outlined in the conditions of use of this site, you are free to use Historical Thesaurus data from this webpage for personal and non-commercial research. We are always pleased to discuss the use of Thesaurus data in research projects, and we appreciate being informed about uses of the Thesaurus in any field – please contact us at

The copyright of Thesaurus data is owned by the University of Glasgow, and our partner Oxford University Press deals with all commercial licensing rights. We can also advise on commercial implications of Thesaurus data, and put you in touch with the relevant staff at the Press for licensing issues. Please contact us on the above email address for any enquiries.

Should your research require more data than is available on this site, or should you be engaged in a research project which requires access to the full Thesaurus database, it is also possible to obtain a license from Oxford University Press for the purposes of non-commercial research. The Press is also developing a licensing scheme for the combined databases of the Thesaurus and the OED.