The following short articles were written by members of the Thesaurus team at the time of the publication of the print version in 2009, and are available on the Oxford English Dictionary website:

Christian Kay also contributed a short series of informal blogs to the Oxford University Press site in 2009, which remain available here:

In addition, articles about the HTOED by team members were published in 2010 in a volume edited by Michael Adams of the DSNA, called "'Cunning Passages, Contrived Corridors': Unexpected Essays in the History of Lexicography". In this volume, Christian Kay explained the principles and practices of Thesaurus classification, Irené Wotherspoon outlined the process of making the Thesaurus, Kate Wild described her research into the lexicalisation of childhood using material in the print volume, and Marc Alexander described preliminary ways of visualizing Thesaurus data (a separate section of this site also gives later information on visualization). This book has been published under an open access license, and so we are pleased to make available all of these chapters as a PDF file here.

Further academic articles by team members are listed in the bibliography section of this website. You may also wish to consult Glasgow's Enlighten service, which contains the full text of open-access articles by many members of the Thesaurus team and advisory board.